Sunday, December 30, 2018

Never Losing Faith, Hazel J Says, "Girl, Wear Your Big Hat"

Hazel J Author

"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them." Ida B. Wells.

In December, I had a visit by a genuine and lovely lady, Hazel Jay also known as Lady J.   It has been almost seven years since I last saw Hazel who attended one of my entrepreneur training workshops over twelve weeks in 2012.   Hazel is a poet, educator and recent author of 'Girl, Wear Your Big Hat.'  I invited her to join  me on the Sister Love: Untethered and Under the Radar Podcast to talk about her social entrepreneur endeavors and promote her new book.   She has become a member of the SEX-C BABE - Sister Extraordinaire Circle of Black and Brown and Extraordinary women!  The episode is titled 'Faith in Steps: One Foot In Front Of The Other,' because Hazel gives her testimony about her faith walk and  how God's blessings continues to carry her. 
A single mother of four, Hazel struggled to complete graduate school at Mills College in Oakland, California.  She states that it was very challenging and with the challenge came the revelation that she had a learning disorder.  Initially discouraged,  Hazel did not give up.  She persevered with hard work and determination to work through her disability and obtained a Masters Degree in business. Following her triumph, came many lows and several bumps and bruises with new lessons.  Through the tough times came the vision for her venture IGLOW; which stands for "I am Golden, Legendary, Original and Wondrous."   The IGLOW project provides transformational development and coaching specific to single mothers and entire families.  

In the podcast segment The Woke Ancestor,  Hazel's motivational female is Ida B. Wells, American Journalist, Civil Rights Activists and one of the founders of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAAC)).   Listen to this inspirational conversation and hear what was Hazel's recent activity in the Pursuit of Happiness.   She is completing a children's book titled 'A Through Z Inventors Who Look Like Me.'  Click on 'Girl, Wear Your Big Hat' to purchase the book and to read more about the author and her book.

Hazel is also one of twelve contributing authors in the book 'Real Talk: Intimate Discussions on Love, Life and Relationships and the author of her latest book leaned on the blessings coming her way. 

Listen to Podcast Hazel J. on Sister Love: Untethered and Under the Radar

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