Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy 2019: Your Health Is Your Wealth

"There are persons so radiant, so genial, so knd, so pleasure-bearing, that you instinctively feel in their presence  that they do you good, whose coming into a room is like the bringing of a lamp there." Henry Ward Beacher on friendship

It's a new year - 2019. It's a choice to begin with routinely make new resolutions. Best resolutions are made when preceded by clear and honest reflection about the past year, searching beyond the memory folds are dirty particles of memory lodged in the crevices and deep in the cut. Review of the year typically occurs in December when I am alone as often, I can pass my time by numbing with a game of Soda Crush, or I can be a responsible and accountable adult by closing out my year by being productive and dumping mental garbage. I chose the latter which brings the year to close with the revelation that people are just disappointing. My resolve is to distance myself from the vulnerability of being disappointed, or needing others to bring a sense of fulfillment from a detached recognition of a void. I loudly conclude with the visualization of Cher's character in Moonstruck with a slap to the face, "Snap out of it already." You're uniquely talented, even if the important people like agents and talent scouts don't know it - yet. Just do you. Do what you know and get busy writing, creating, take action and make it happen.

January begins with an accepted invitation and welcome conversation with a dear and distant friend Colleen Morgan, who resides across the pond in the UK. I missed our ethereal idealistic philosophical conversations about life and men and the world from a somewhat feminist perspective and with a great deal of hope.

It is a pleasure to have Colleen share her revelations on the past year's reflection after treading through bouts of stress, worry, which ultimately leads to illness. Through the challenges which suck come the best lessons in life; and for Colleen, the greatest lesson of 2018 was confirmation: 'Your Health is Your Wealth.'  

Colleen speaks of the virtues of being your own guardian with diligent care, protection and balance of the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional self. The conversation is relevant to my thoughts and review of my 2018 and previous experiences. It doesn't serve us by becoming a creature of bad habits when rising above the b**s**t means developing good habits.  

1.   Send them with love.
Avoid self-enabling with excuses to drown in disappointment with first creating distance from toxic persons and disappointment.

2.  Focus on 'Happy Hormones.'
It is too easy to fall into bad routines rather than exercise new mental and physical muscles by forcing you to learn new routines.  It takes about three to six months to develop new habits. The benefit is creating 'happy hormones' that act like a net when your emotions begin to fall.

3.  Never give up.
When things suck in the moment, I remind myself 'never give up.' I take action in the moment by looking up, raise my hands to the sky and shout 'yea - yes- life is awesome.

' Listen to the Sister Love: Untethered and Under the Radar podcast episode 7, 'Your Health Is Your Wealth.'
Happy New Year.