Friday, January 13, 2017

A Resolution For Happiness

Happy New Year!  And what's so happy about it? Ask yourself, is true happiness based on past circumstances when things were once a certain way?  Or is happiness based on hope that lies in the future, and always beyond the reach of today?  Happiness is a gem that is hidden in the promise of right now.

What are some of the resolutions you announced before the world and shared with everyone?  What about the one you said to yourself,"This year such n'such is going to happen for me"?  Millions of people wait for change to happen months and years down life's road rather than to initiate it, while the other million formalize their resolutions for change every new year; which, somehow is supposed to make it 'official.'  Oh really?  

Did you know that 68% of Americans make conscious resolutions at the beginning of every year to change,  stop, to start, get rid of, or acquire something that they don't already have?   Americans possibly rank highest among the most discontented in the western hemisphere.  By mid-year, 44% will stick to the end goal and year end just 8% will achieve it.  Often when we want to change something, it is an external condition that is displeasing such as your surroundings or an outer appearance.    An alternative method and far more effective way to begin experiencing immediate change is to approach it from within.

Change occurs when we actively shift our perception.   Accessible to all is the ability within our being to unleash the power to manifest happiness by taping the inner focal point of our being.  The trigger to releasing positive energies will absolutely influence the outcome.  Training the mind how to overcome vulnerable states of emotions and quickly shift from disappointment to acceptance; anger to calmness or sadness to gladness becomes easier through practice.  We can experience life through a range of observations that are simplistic to amazing.   So why not say to yourself now, 'this is the day that such n'such happens for me' and state only the absolute intention.

Don't allow yourself to become caught up in a consumer fog,  in the clever marketing of 'change' brands.  Nor let yourself fall into the trappings of subliminal commercialization that suggests continuous spending on things that are temporary is the only way to attain happiness.  The ultimate change begins from within, and that's where you will find true happiness.

Happy New Year!

by Sonja B