Thursday, December 31, 2015


"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" - Victor Borge

The year end is a time meant for reflecting all things good and bad, happy, sad; a time for a  moment in remembrance.    It is also a time of letting go forgiving and clearing our mental, spiritual and physical houses that can bring a flood of mixed emotions.  Remembering the good and fond things about people we are not longer connected to in the physical actually brings their spiritual essence closer.  More importantly is letting go and only holding on to the good and healthy thoughts.  

2015 has been a year of good, bad, and unexpected tragedies. It has been a year of resilience and for those of us who woke up this morning, a year of many blessings.  One way to balance life in between the ups and downs for the coming year is to remember to laugh.  "Laughter is the best medicine" is more than just cliche;  it's scientific.  For the year 2016 never forget how to forgive; just live, love and laugh.  Sonja Brooks.

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles”  – Willa Cather 

Amidst all the celebrations, the most powerful way to end the year for me is to celebrate the miracle of love.   Love is much greater than what we feel romantically. It is what makes us sing, dance and makes us human.  Love is the most amazing thing in our lives. It is what make us human, what makes life worth living – in the grander scheme of things, nothing else truly matters. The size of our homes, bank balances, the beauty of our partner, the speed of our car – all those things pale into insignificance when we face the miracle of love.

Love leads to other miracles such as kindness. Have you noticed how great you feel afterwards when you have done someone a kind deed? Through the miracle of our love, we can indeed transform the world – even a hug, a loving touch or just a smile can cause the miracle of healing others. There are so many simple things we can all do on a daily basis to bring more love into our lives. Together we can all make this an even more beautiful and miraculous world than it already is. I love the Creator of the Universe, and I love you all. Thank you for all your support and love (you know who you are). There are even greater miracles about to happen in 2016.  Watch out for those miracles. Keep loving. 

You don't need a reason to be happy just a choice. It's a beautiful world, enjoy it. Dream. Explore. Discover.
Contributor: Nanna Abban "Reflections of Adinkra."

Saturday, December 5, 2015

From Losses to Days and New Strength

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Everyone has an equal opportunity to deal with losses from little tangible items such as treasured childhood things to something of great value such as a home or a relationship.  In aging, humans sometimes lose the value of precious memories.   You can learn how to let go of the past. Whether you have experienced a break up with someone you cared for deeply, whether death has taken a loved one, whether you have had a feud with a friend or family member, whether you have lost a job or a business has gone bust.  Life can be joyful and rewarding again when we learn how to move on and let go.  Let a broken romance or friendship go. Let a lost job become an experience and no more. Even with death, there is a time to mourn, and there is a time to renew and to move on with your own life.

Why spoil your day complaining.   It is better to focus your thoughts on positive matters.

Do's and Don'ts  
Don't spend too much time or energy mourning what has happened. 
Don't over-react to your loss and take any sudden actions without time for careful contemplation.
If you are feeling desperately lonely or frightened, don't take actions based on those emotions. 
Seek support in the short term, and only make significant commitments after you have restored a sense of being centered and confident.
Don't complain about what has happened, and don't listen to your friends' complaints.

 Keep your attention on building a bright future.   Every day brings new choices.  - Martha Beck

Nana Abban - blog contributer