Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reflections of Wisdom on Adinkra: "Attitude"

Attitude is the single biggest factor in how happy you are.
While you can certainly change your attitude toward life and become happier, it is not as simple as just repeating, "I am happy. Life is good. I am happy." Positive affirmations have a role to play in creating a happier life, but they are woefully inadequate by themselves - to the point of deserving the ridicule some have heaped upon positive affirmations. Actions to become happier in life
    1. Begin Today. Take a step toward your Life Goal today
    2. Persevere - Have Commitment.
    Happy people don't give up or waver. You may choose to change your goals. You may choose to change your tactics for reaching your goals. But persevere and stay committed.
    3. Hold your Intent (also called Intention).
    There is power in affirming, "It will be thus." There is power in speaking your Intent to the Universe. Trust and affirm your Intent for the future. Speak your Intent (or prayer) with gratitude for something that certainly will happen rather than hope that something might happen.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.
~ Wayne Dyer

Stinky socks will remain stinky until you decide to wash it or discard it; otherwise, each time you put them own, the stink will follow.
~Redd Sonja, The Vibrant Woman @H3

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A STORMY MONDAY STORY: Dog Bites and Major Technology Crashes.

Yes, it was a stormy Monday. Talk about a bad day!

I walked down to the mailbox in front of my building and saw my neighbor walking her two dogs. She seems like a nice single lady who apparently felt that her one-bedroom unit could use some company other than a boy or perhaps a girlfriend, so she adopted two rescue dogs. I commend her for doing it. The dogs previous situation was a bit of a nightmare.

Anyway, the dogs look like a mix of a few things but mostly coca-poodle. They’re a bit doofey, and one has a crossed eye. They’re over excited whenever she attempts to walk them; they seemed so excited about going for a walk yet confused about which way to go until the leash into a twisted braid. While I was checking the mail box, the neighbor walked up with her mutts. As soon as I turned away toward the mailbox, Grrrr-aaach! One bite! The little bitch bit me! I event heard it. The nerve of that mutt! I guess they knew I had talked about them to everyone behind their tails for being loony dogs and decided to bark me a thing a two. Guess they showed me!

The day didn’t stop there, my land line went dead; the very very new cell phone Samsung Edge would not open because it did not recognize my thumbprint! (Go figure). Worse yet, I had not created a back-up password. I was locked out of my computer because my house guest decides attempting using my computer by bypassing the password and it locked. I couldn’t even remember the password. Then the printer stopped working after I purchased new ink cartridge and tried to replace it. This day, I needed to turn around and go back to bed for a few hours to rid my head ache and try this all over again. It will be better tomorrow!

by Redd Sonja

Saturday, September 12, 2015

9/11 - Grief to Gratitude

September 11, 2015 marks the fourteenth anniversary on the day catastrophic incidents engulfed the nation in tragedy. Thousands of lives lost prematurely; and the world was in shock. Family and friends will be forever heavy with the premature losses of loved ones; however, the lives were not lost in vain. The sacrifice of those lives should remind us every day to live mindfully and with as much joy as possible.

There are seven stages of grief; shock, denial, anger, guilt, sorrow and depression, reflection and re-engaging life; much of what I went through when I got fired or the day my doctor told me I was pre-menopausal. I felt like life was over and I had not experienced the basic human accomplishments like raise a few rug rats, watch them fail and succeed; kick them out and watch them come back. But each one of us has our own grief cycles (menopause being one of them) and when we experience tragedy the healing process begins.

September 11th is a time to honor a loved one lost in the tragedy and for the world to pay honors. Yearly or monthly activities that honor the memory of those that departed will help ease away sadness and allow joy to enter again. In 2013 after losing my dad to Alzheimer, the same year I raised money through the Walk to End Alzheimer. Although the 4 mile walk in the dead heat in Walnut Creek that I ended up so exhausted that I almost forgot where I parked my car. But, I got through it and felt tremendous for getting involved with a good cause with great people and for walking in honor my dad's name.

The stages of grief are not the same for everyone. The processes are much the same; however the required time that it takes to move through the healing processes will vary. Healing advances quickly when we dancing, clapping or engage in gratifying activities like an outstanding orgasm of the mouth after eating our favorite dish or when interacting with others to uplift the spirit. (Gotcha!)

To celebrate is to lift the spirit, sadness and lament is heavy and low. Never allow grief to keep you stuck in loneliness and sorrow. It is perfectly okay to embrace grief. We should embrace it when it is our time to grieve. Allow time to grieve and lament and look forward to power in the light of love, laughter and gratitude.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Metaphysically Correct: MC not PC

Wayne Dyer, writer, speaker and self-help spiritual guru, and author of several books from Your Erroneous Zones; which is one of the top best-selling books of all times, to The Power of Intention transitioned in his sleep on August 29th at the age of 75. It would be commonplace to say, ‘Wayne Dyer died' or that 'so and so died,' but if Mr. Dyer could comment now that he has transitioned, he might tell us that the way we refer to death in Western society is not philosophically correct nor is it metaphysically correct. He might say, ‘I did not die, rather my body and spirit transformed into an unrestricted formless dimension as a part of a greater existence unknown to the limitations of the human experience and intellect.’

No one ever wants to think about death and dying, but is there any happy way to look at loss? When western cultures deal with the subject of death, it is typically associated with an abundance of mourning and sorrow; sadness, emptiness with days and months of darkness and depression. These are the things that weigh heavily on the all aspects of life and draws from the source of life energy to it's lowest depths. Often, sadness experienced is not about the individual but rather it is about us. If we live life unselfishly and free of guilt rather than reflect on the relationship we had or lacked with the individual, the more we will desire to celebrate their life rather than become overly occupied with sorrow.

Metaphysical Word-Energy Association Scale 1-5

    5 - Grace, glory, gratitude, gratefulness, loveliness
    4 - Spirituality, transition, memorial, celebration, birth, life, friendship
    3 - Relationship, support, eco, bio-degradable, natural,ocean, flowers
    2 - Deceased, funeral, cremation, mortuary, burial, embalm, casket, insurance, fees
    1 - Murder, accident, death (row/penalty), suicide, undertaker, attorney

Notice (unapologetic) that attorney comes under category one. Not to knock the profession, I do like some attorneys and there are times when they rate higher on the scale depending on the side of the fence you are on. Nonetheless, surely everyone has a few other descriptions and professions that can be added to the metaphysically-correct word energy association.

The Dyer life experience (the dire pun here displays humor power of intention) left the world with so many quotes of wisdom to live by such as "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." It’s always our choice on how we view life and death and all the experiences in between.

One of my favorite quotes is: “It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive, and you have the power to choose either.”

Wayne Dyer, was a phenomenal speaker and teacher entered into the dimension of the human experience through birth as Wayne Dyer an impoverished orphaned child who transformed his human experience into one of love and happiness through actualizing his life purpose; and later transitioned from this dimension of the human experience as spiritual self-help guru into an even higher dimension leaving the legacy of his teachings and his spiritual essence.

Thank you for the gifts you left the world. – Redd Sonja Creative Commons License
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