Sunday, November 11, 2018

Surviving Health Care is a Joke!

"Sorry, we can't find your records."
How are you surviving this week?  I truly hope your week is going wonderful, marvelous, and stupendous but then, life happens! The last few weeks in American has been possibly the most extremely violent in history outside of social riots and the Civil War. The number of guns in the hands of terrorist, mentally ill, hate-filled persons cannot be tracked. It's too late. In the last couple of weeks I became acutely 'woke' this week about the state of mental and overall health in America.
Warning: We are a society that is increasingly heading towards subliminal desensitization to human trauma. Compassion is diminishing in mind,-body health, spirit and in self-awareness; which, and therefore feeds into Peripheral Neuropathologies.
As a advanced society, we are advancing toward rapid decline of mental health and stability. The slow and systemic cloud aggressively promotes and enables our daily addictions. Masses of citizens use addiction to suppress feelings of dissatisfaction, anger, unhappiness, and traumatic pass experiences. What has happened to the quality of healthcare in America in the last twenty years?
In almost two years, since Trump became president he has made deliberate attempts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care, we have seen a care providers removed from the plan and a diminishing quality in the deliverance of health care. And are we doing about it?

My experience over the past year has been a nightmare with three different health providers, enough to make me loopy! In fact, it's got to be a joke. Here are a few punchlines.

  • Why should Trump be worried about Democrats when in 2016, he's convinced most health providers drop Obama Care so that only Health Scare will kill off the remaining population.
  • What do you call a medical facility that scoffs and broadly herds patients like a tobacco chewing cowboy at a round-up?     General Hock-spittle.
  • What do you call a miserably inadequate physician who resents working in the hood and spitefully promotes death care instead of health care?   Dr. Kill Ova-Dere.
  • What do you call it when an anglo doctor rudely does't not listen and treats all black patients with the same implicit bias?  -  Blindspotting.
  • What do you call a doctor at a ghetto clinic?   A  Nurse Practitioner. 
Healthcare in America deserves criticism.  The quality and services is as poor as the communities served or if your in a higher income facility, the doctors have difficulty hearing you as a person of color. It's supposed to be healthcare but feels more like HEALTHSCARE, then it's HEALTH-KILL instead of promoting wellness you are receive Medical DIS-EASE.  

Why do people take positions, spend a life studying for a profession that they are 100% happy or fulfilled?  Why go into healthcare and not care? Why work in a community where you don’t respect, scoff or look down on the people.   People don’t want high and mighty self-proclaimed persons (liberal nor conservative) to come into a LMI community and glorify themselves because, look at Peggy or Courtney who is such a great humanitarian because they work in the hood.  ” You are not doing the community any favors with this attitude unless you see them as human equals.

There was a time when a healthcare practitioner gave 110% care to clients and people in the community.   You rarely see that high level of practice today. Doctors are not healers; we’ve practically lost healers.  Healers traditionally were persons of high regard. Healers like former Dr. Sebi, of Honduras (herbalist and healer) who practiced healing through cell foods; and fighting cancer, diabetes, lymphatic conditions and  weight loss, primarily through vegan and alkaline diet.

At times we may feel hopeless, but we don't have to be victims of Health Kill facilities, programs or providers. We must start with ourselves.
  1. We must take measures to be good; better to ourselves.  
  2. Don’t be discouraged and don't let those in the medical profession discourage you. 
  3. Stay away from people attempt to discourage you with their negative energy.  
  4. Take time to eat healthy, massage your mind with good books, music, and meditations.
  5. Change physicians until you feel safe and confident. 
Good news is there is a rise of conscious health awareness and new community healers as the ways of our ancestors who are reviving and improving old with modern practices and teachings of today.  

If you feel your privacy has been violated or compromised, file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Remember, failure to comply with HIPAA or breach regulations can result in substantial fines being issued to the violator and criminal charges and civil action may ensue such as lawsuits.   Be good to yourself.

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