Thursday, May 14, 2020

Get Your Mojo Back During COVID-19

Recently, I did a podcast that was titled "Regaining Your Mojo Back during COVID 19” with friend Colleen Morgan, who made a profound statement “Life is uncertain; you have to take control of you.“ The statement resonated with me and stuck with me for the entire day and thereafter. I realized when she said it, that it was such a powerful statement at a time with uncertainty is all around particularly during a pandemic. This is unlike any other previous experience anywhere in the world other than places in Africa that suffered during the Ebola epidemic.  

It has been reported that alcoholic beverage sales have more than quadrupled and so has domestic violence and child abuse. I can only imagine how frightening it must be when you are isolated within the same confines of someone who is a bully and hostile with words or violent. The fear is great for anyone in this situation and greater for a child. A child who lives with an abusive adult, I only hope and pray that they can find solace through some form of escape mentally such as reading, going online through games, connecting to friends or talking with a reliable individual who has the means to help them get away from the abuser. As for the adult who is in a hostile situation, don’t simply accept the abuse. You have the ability to remove yourself or get help to escape the situation. This may be the time to make a move rather than to remain in a hurtful place. There can never be any light or joy by remaining. It’s scary to leave, but it’s painful to stay. However, where there is a crisis, there is an opportunity if we attempt to dig a little deeper to find the courage within. And when you precisely cannot, then seek someone who can help you. 

Meanwhile, there are many people such as myself who are single and therefore, alone but many of them are also extremely lonely. The danger of feeling isolated and alone can trigger anxiety, depression and soon the individual isolated finds that they themselves are their own worst enemy. Being alone we see that our mind begins playing tricks, and we find reasons to be lazy, watch too much television and may fall into overeating. You find yourself surfing the Internet. Desperate to meet and talk to someone; to any person of interest, you end up signing up on one of those dating sights and then later regret it.  

For individuals who are your worst enemy; you must avoid the traps and engage in activities to stimulate the mind and body and raise and maintain healthy energy levels. If you’ve reached that pivotal point and realize it is time to get your Mojo back- well this is a great opportunity if you just allow yourself to get over yourself.  

Here are a few tips to help you do that: 
  1. Stop whining! Begin practicing positive affirmations. 
  2. Meditate to silence the mind chatter. 
  3. Spend 10 -20 minutes doing yoga in mornings  
  4. Get your ass off the couch, start a project; engage a hobby. 
  5. Have a set time to turn off electronics.  
  6. Practice 10 -15 minutes of deep breathing before retiring to bed.  
  7. Stop watching 24-hour COVID news. Take a walk instead. Read a book. 
  8. Show gratitude and be grateful that you are vertical.  
  9. Dance. Find a Youtube Zumba video and put on your happy feet! 
  10. Just smile
Sometimes you have to ask yourself, "What would Shaq do?" So remember, take good care of yourself.

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