Saturday, July 27, 2019

Value in Paying Attention

Why aren’t people paying attention? 
If you have not noticed lately, but more people seem to not be paying attention. You may have become aware when driving on the road, witnessed an accident and been involved in a near miss, or perhaps placed an order to a customer service representative on the phone who didn’t hear you the first time and got your order incorrect sending you the wrong item. Our society on a whole is so distracted, and it looks like we are all suffering from chronic A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder).

Paying attention to the wrong issues. 
We are behaving like elementary school kids with a new toy obsessed with whatever is going on in our lives; reality television, electronic media, news feeds and division politics. We have become so distracted with a limited attention span, as though we’ve been spending our lives with a television remote in hand and surfing through life switching jobs and relationships like channels on cable television. America has a short memory. We forget in a matter of weeks about shocking crimes in the news. Our minds become altered, and we’ve adjusted to appalling and criminal behavior. We’ve become accustomed to crises such as terrorist acts on innocent people and mass shootings that our sensitivities have numbed with the shock and horror caused by such violence. However, like a child given a new toy, we have become distracted from reality and focused on escaping through our habits or the latest fad. While we barely struggle to maintain civility and respect, we have all but failed to develop muscles of resistance and easily distracted by preferred nonsense. Caught up in rude behavior, our grade for performance is an F.

Too broke to pay attention.
Don’t be so poor that you can’t pay attention. The value in paying attention is under-rated. The attention you give is the attention you deserve. It saves time, money and can save lives.   Listen to Power of Paying Attention on Sister Love: Untethered and Under the Radar podcast

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