Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Best Beginnings Are with Good Intentions

I routinely begin the new year writing a list of personal resolutions and intentions for the year. Based on past and numerous disappointments in others who can and will often let you down, I learned to encourage myself and thus became my motivation for writing. With self-reliance and high motivation, I began 2017 with my philosophy of the 9 Ds: dream, design, decide to dedicate; be determined; have discipline, diligence and eliminate all distractions (specifically electronic) to reach your destiny. Failing to abide by this rule, I knew very well that by the year end, you will likely fall into the 92% category who overreached; perhaps delusional or simply repeat offenders who fail to stick to a new year's resolutions. I failed at committing to write about something humorous, on healthiness or on happiness for an entire year. So, what happened?

Life is filled with them: I have a million of excuses. I began a job. I was consumed with a job, and I lost a job and the opposition party's choice for president took office (it's their fault too). I worked my bee hive off to maintain a roof over me; to cover health care, for basic maintenance or repairs with time to engage in the luxury of socializing on rare occasions.   With little appreciation and at the end of the day, I had no energy for myself no time it seemed to write even my name. It's the fault of life in America. The bad news (real and not fake) that it is not going to get any better by design for the average person. Guess what? Don't be average. Be extraordinary!

Try again. As times get tough, you must figure out how to survive in America without giving up who you are. For me, it means first getting out of my own way. Yes, I am tired of playing the same looping tape of routinely paying bills etc, but I have to remind myself that it is not an accomplishment of goals rather routines that have less to do with goal forging.

Set obtainable mini goals daily and build up to a routine that does not feel forced but a set of natural tasks required to reach your goals. My solution is to get out of my own way and make time to do what matters and what is important to me; and always find time to have HUMOR, HEALTH and HAPPINESS.


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